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Sunday, July 1, 2007

June Summary

June"s finished objects: 517
Total in 2007 so far: 1234

funfairiegirl issued a challenge: that we finish 1200 items by the end of June.

And we totally did. Here"s how.


afghans for Afghans are getting a pair of socks from Priscilla.

The American Cancer Society received nine hats from bunny_pwns_you.

Blankets for the Gulf got a blanket from doclegs and one blanket from Craftyone.

A breast cancer support group got three scarves from Craftyone

Charmed Knits got a hat from kat_denton.

Chicago"s Crafty Angels got five baby bibs from theonlyevidence.

A Domestic Abuse Center received 25 pottery angels (Angels of Hope) from sweetcheri"s Mother.

The Dulaan Project got three hats from death_by_yarn, two hats from snoopingmother"s daughter, seven hats and a child"s vest from twotone, a variety of hats, gloves, and scarves numbering 12 from media_res and a friend, six adult and two baby hats from eowyn_ulysses and eight assorted items from zortified, a hat from akkasha and 12 hats, two scarves and a baby sweater from desertempress.

Hesed House got three hats from laughlovelive.

The Hokie"s blanket project got four squares from joriejc2.

Local animal shelters got six blankets from Venka.

A local hospital is getting four premie hats from ndjen04.

Love Quilts got a pink cross stitched square from smiles_sweetly.

The Lowell Wish Project is getting a blanket from _fakewings_

funfairiegirl"s auction for Lupus Research is getting 25 pieces of jewellery (11 + 14) from elsieamelie.

A mental health charity auction received two hats and a blanket from doclegs.

The National World War II Museum received three scarves from elsieamelie.

Project Bag O" Sunshine got 46 bags (6 + 1 + 1+ 1 + 1 + 1 + 10 + 14 + 2 + 2 + 1 +4 + 1 + 1) from jellybellygirl, treehugger06, snoopingmother, joriejc2, mmeblue.

Porject Hokie Hope got two squares from zortified.

Project Night Night got two blankets from ascelinne who also contributed food to the potluck fundraiser for the project.

Rebuilding Greensburg got 54 squares. In the first half of the month, 23 squares were completed (10 + 12 + 1) from gypsyamaranta, snoopingmother and cymbelline. After the square contest started, another 31 were made (3 + 3 + 13 + 9 + 13 + 3 + 10) by Priscilla, Craftyone, snoopingmother, doclegs and caboosey.

The Red Scarf Project got four scarves from eowyn_ulysses back in January.

Share a Square got six squares from Priscilla

Warming Families are getting 14 squares from Little Knittin Kitten.

Warm Up America got 180 squares. WuA suggests 49 squares for a full size blanket, which means we"ve produced almost enough for 4 blankets this month! 40 of these (5 + 5 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 20) from treehugger06 and eowyn_ulysses, crazigriffen, Mystery Singapore Kitten and funfairiegirl and Christi aren"t part of the square contest. The square contest generated the other 148 (8 + 13 + 6 + 5 + 3 + 6 + 16 + 15 + 43 + 13 + 12) from doclegs, gypsyamaranta, treehugger06, nehnhaa, , Venka, treehugger06, jpettibone, Craftyone.
crazigriffen also finished another blanket.

Also, lindsoriah made two blankets.


We"re having a square making challenge put together by funfairiegirl and joriejc2. Deadline is 11:59 pm EST on July 16.

We hit 1000 items! And 1200!

The orignal Crafting for a Cause group has asked us to change our name. Lots of discusion about a new name can be seen here, here and here and here. Eventually the name Homespun Helpers was chosen.

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January 2007 - 21
February 2007 - 33
March 2007 - 121
April 2007 - 161
May 2007 - 381

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