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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Turning WIP to FO's...always a thrill

9 rectangles for HAP (6 x 9). Used sc, dc, dc back loop only, v-stitch. The Red,White & Blue, though good in terms of patriotic colors, don't show the various stitches very well.

4 Newborn poncho's, all crocheted for Lil_Troopers

3 pair baby booties also for Lil_Troopers (love the red, white, and blue for this)

1 multi-colored mans scarf (crocheted), for Homeless Veterans through Knitters for Obama group on Rav.

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Margie the Ladybug said...

Wow...your skills just never cease to amaze me!!!

Don't forget to tag your post if you are interested for the personal achievement contest and for the "one for one" contest! :)

Sandy said...

Oophs forgot to add the tag for one for one, will edit and add that one, did get personal achievement one though listed in the tag.