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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It's Wednesday!

Hi Everybody,

Well, it's hump day. We all made it this far! Can we make it the rest of the week!?

I was thinking it might be fun to make Wednesday a "Works in Progress" day as well as a contest and drive day. Your picture doesn't have to be something you're working on for charity...I think we all get so cued up into our tally and our numbers that we lose track of how fun it is to craft, and maybe more importantly still, how skilled you all are!!

So, either commenting here or making your own post, please feel free to share information on contests, drives, collections, knit-alongs, or anything else, and share "in progress" photos of projects you're working on now!

Please remember to check livejournal if you're a blogspotter, and check blogspot if you're a livejournaler...these posts are happening in both places :)

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Works in progress. Haven't taken a picture, but decided my office was looking pretty over run with projects, so decided it was time to re-organize them. You know how we all have various things going at one time--and we have projects we only we work on at home, others we take along when we're in the car or to work on at lunch while at work etc....Well I had a bag of this and that, and pieces of this and that. Everytime I wanted a specific size needle or hook I had to rumage through my bags to find it, or I'd get were ever and be in need of my scissors to change colors...errrrrrrrrrr they wouldn't be there. Must have left them in the other bag.

So, I dumped everything out on the floor, checked all the pockets of all my canvas bags and went at it. A project a bag. Left over yarn that was in balls I tidy up...you know they always unravel a bit making a mess. Gonna buy several more pairs of little scissors to add to each bag and see how many duplicate sized hooks and needles I have and do the same.

My office looks pretty good now. I have 6 bags lined up---though orderly. I can take a quick look and determine which project/bag I need to grab ***whether to take it to the living room to work on something or to take on the road.

So, perhaps a bit long winded this is project in the works story for this week. lol Now the big question is how long will I keep it this way?

I should also add when I did the BIG DUMP, I got a whole plastic bag full of yarn I'm done with that I took back to the basement. It still needs to be separated into colors though and put away in the right colored bag storage area.

TGIF one and all, stitch up a storm on whatever it is you're working on.