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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Call for warm items for school age kids!

I was posting to my knitting group about needing help with a winter item drive and Margie the Ladybug reminded me to reach out to you great people. Thank goodness one of us has a brain!

I recently found out that the elementary school in my neighborhood has an above average number of students that live in local shelters. Already we have seen these kids walking to school without sweaters, hats, etc.

The nice thing is we don't need a ton of items to really make a difference. And I am reaching out to a few different groups so we should be able to gather the full range of items. Also, we don't want anything too fancy as the kids are at the age where they'll lose a few items over the course of the winter.

So, the standard gloves, hats, scarves are needed, for boys and girls of elementary school age. The school colors are blue and white if that helps narrow down choices. We probably need the most help with hats and gloves/mittens as we already have a plan in the works to do some easy fleece scarves. This would be great for the sewers among us!

Never having done this I hope I am following the rules. If you have something for us, please tag the item "Prevent Brain Freeze". And then email off line to get mailing information, I guess?

Super appreciate any help you can give!


Margie the Ladybug said...

Eez perfect.

I copied your post over to our livejournal community as well :)

James said...

I can definitely make a few items.

Sandy said...

Sounds like a good cause, count me in. I've not had much luck with mittens, but can do hats and scarfs. Anyone have a super super easy mitt pattern? Preferably for crochet?


Sandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sandy said...

Sorry tried to edit my previous post and couldn't so deleted it.

I don't see an email ady to email Juniper off list? Her name isn't clickable either. Though I did find her name in the list of members she doesn't apparently have a blog and her email isn't listed on her ID page.

How are we to make contact? Whats our time frame for this quest?


Sandy said...

Out of town, but managed 2 hats before leaving that will be there waiting for me to mail on my return. I've not seen an address to mail the hats, or been able to connect with the poster. No link in their post, clicking on the name only takes you to the ID-profile page here, where no email ady is listed? How are we to connect once hats are made The 2 I made for her are both suitable for a little girl.