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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

This week's contest and drive report

Alright folks,

I'm going to try this this week and see what happens...in order to keep track of everyone's drives (whether you're running them or you just want to promote something), please post here! I'll make this post every week with tags so that we can track everything.

Comment away!


robyn said...

i'm still collecting squares for Warming Omaha (warmingomaha.blogspot.com)

while the contest has ended (i'll be announcing a winner on my blog shortly!) i'm going to keep putting together blankets through the winter, so any squares you can donate will go to good use!

Anonymous said...

also, we need children's items. for Warming Omaha. i'm going to post about it over at the blog for Warming Omaha tonight (along with more square pictures and announcing a winner) ....

but i wanted to post it here, too. children's warm-weather gear.

Sandy said...

Still time left for scarfs for both The Red Scarf Project and The Special Olympics Project.