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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Mitten Contest

Mitten Contest

So I offered to host a mitten contest, for the month of March. Then I thought of two really good reasons why I should open the contest now rather than next weekend. First, I don't want anyone having the chance to accuse anyone of getting a jump on everyone else by starting a pair of mittens before March 1st. Second, I have no patience. ;-)

So I hereby announce the Mitten Contest!

Make some mittens or gloves: fingerless, convertible, or whatever! Any size, from preemie to huge honking Abominable Snowman sized. (Assuming the Abominable Snowman is in need of charitible donations...)

Mittens can be donated to anyplace you wish, just indicate their intended destination when you post. If you don't know of a place, you can always send them in for How Many People Can We Dress (aka Hemp Quid). But any charity which accepts hats, scarves, and other warm clothing will probably also accept mittens and gloves. Some suggestions are:

Afghans for Afghans
Children in Common
Warm Woolies

Each pair of mittens or gloves made by March 31st is one entry into the drawing. Enter as often as you wish! On April 1st, I will draw one name from the pile at random and the winner will receive a prize. If there are lots and lots and lots of entries, I will draw two names. The prize will be a skein or two of wool yarn, suitable for mitten-making. Chances are good that it will be a skein hand-dyed by myself, but I have to check my blank skeins and see if any are worsted weight wool.

You must tag your entry with 'mitten contest' in order for your mittens/gloves/handcoverthingies to be counted. I don't know how or if tagging works on the blog, but if you put 'mitten contest' in the subject line, I will be able to find it. One hopes. ;-) ETA - it looks like the 'label' is the same thing as an LJ tag, so you should be able to label your posts with 'mitten contest.'

If you would like to comment with a name and link to groups taking donations of mittens and gloves, please do so!