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Sunday, February 10, 2008

hey hey hey!

How is everyone?

I had my first experience of thundersnow last night. It is a strange experience to watch a snow storm and then see a bolt of lightning, let me tell you. Crazy weather.


So, I saw a very cool story today about a guy who goes around to different cities and takes pictures of the homeless. He put together a book called Finding Grace (I think) and it really jives with the spirit of this group. His idea is that taking pictures of these people makes you look at them and what they must be going through. It is inspirational and sad all at the same time.

With that being said, two quick things...first, I'd again like to remind everyone about "How many people can we dress." Jezebelsf is looking to make the next shipment around Presidents' Day.

Also, how's about shooting for 250 by the end of February? C'mon, give up that Valentines Day romance in favor of your knitting needles or crochet hooks!! :D

I am so excited about the great start we're off to. Keep up the great work!!

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