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Friday, February 22, 2008

2008 Checklist

Hi everybody,

Well, we have almost made it through February already. This year has gotten off to an incredible start and I could not possibly be happier!!

So, I'm going to give us more work to do :)

Here is a checklist of things I'd like to get going this year. Hopefully we can check things off as we go along.


1) Can someone donate a token to the lj community so we can change our name? I have fondness for "3000in2007" but it REALLY does not make sense anymore. Nostalgia is only good up to a point :)

2) And speaking of donations, I'd like to ask that we form a committee whose sole responsibility would be making sure that non-crafted items are always available. We have tried a lot of projects (including the ongoing BOH project) and we always seem to get stuck because we don't have the "stuffing." This is a bummer to me, but I think part of it is that we have always left the responsibility to too few people, so it becomes overwhelming. If we have a committee, they could work together to gather things consistently, they could put out calls for help...maybe we could even form another sister community. Homespun Stuffers? I don't know. People might get the wrong idea. But anyway, are there any volunteers?

3) Contests. Yes yes. We have the Caron square contest going on, which I think will be awesome (once we really get going!) Does anyone want to do/run any other contests kind of internally this year?

4) An in-person Homespun Helpers event...I'd love for this to happen *somewhere*. I don't know where everyone is...I think a few people are in the Chicago area. A few people are in Massachusetts...you don't necessarily have to meet people from here. You could gather up some friends and start a Homespun Helpers group. But I'd really like to see this group jump off the internet this year. A big and scary step, but I think an important one.

5) I'd like to see everyone do something for their hometown, whether it's for your local hospital, a local animal shelter, whatever. I'm not going to *force* you or kick you out if you don't do this, but I think it's important to remember that we all have people in our own backyards who need help. Let's not forget them as we knit for Afghanis and Mongolians :)

6) Ideas!! Does anyone have any other ideas of what we could do? I'm open. We're open! And we want to hear from Youuuuuuu *points* :)

Oh, and as for this whole February goal thing, I guess you are all telling me that I'm insulting you with my measley little goals. So how about 450 items by the end of the month? That's uh, not doing 450 items but getting to 450 items, just as an fyi :)

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