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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween, everybody! And a happy Halloween it is!

We have exceeded yet another goal, and now we need LESS, yes, LESS than 100 items in November to get us to 2,900 items!!!

So here is my new goal...3000 by Christmas. What do you think? :D

I have gotten some strong volunteer signals from Robyn at blogspot and from newdaydawning at livejournal. Robyn would like to be manager of group growth for 2008 and she already has some exciting ideas! Newdaydawning will be in charge of either managing contests or managing non-crafted donations.

We need one more person! Is there a manager hiding somewhere up in here? Trends in corporate America say the odds are high ;)

I am really looking forward to this holiday season with you all. Regardless of what holidays you celebrate, the Winter months are important because it is Wintery in so many places, and so many people could be helped by something silly like a little hat or mittens or socks. We can do a lot of good during these next few months, probably even more after the holidays than before.

Keep it up, everyone!

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