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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Hey everybody

Sorry I've been modding in absentia. I've been busy!

Anyway, I just wanted to point out a little teeny thing.

We are at 2,777 items right now. I had set the goal of having 2,800 items at the end of October so that we would just need 100 items for November and December. We're sooooo close!!

Can we get 23 more items in a week or so? I think we can...I think we can...

I am trying to think of some neat things we can do at the beginning of 08 when all of the holidays will be over and Winter will have most of us trapped in our little crafty abodes. If anyone has any ideas along these lines, post 'em!

Thank you all again for all of your hard work. I know this is a real busy time for everyone with school and work and holidays coming up...everything you do is appreciated!

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