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Friday, November 27, 2009

Well happy holidays!

Regardless of your creed or where you are, the beginning of December signals a time for celebration. Even if it's just because the year is almost over, it seems like there is a general sense of excitement.

I am excited that we, if you can believe it, are nearing a very successful, obstacle-ridden third year of existence. Boy, that seems hard to believe!

You all are among the folks I felt thankful for yesterday, as I do every day, really. I just usually don't stuff my face after saying thanks :)

Hope you are all well. Round of hugs on me!


miaosherow said...

Happy Holiday(s) to us all!
As the year comes to a close, I'm reflecting on how I've contributed to HH and my leisure-time lifestyle choices.
I've discovered that I go through phases. I either get hooked on reading or become obsessed with crafting. When I'm reading, move over, not even a bookmark can stop me. That's when I don't make time to craft, crochet. If I'm making stuff, I don't see the inside of a book... for awhile.
That's just how it goes for me. I produce volumes of items for a month or two and then I disappear. That's me and that's how it's gonna be.
I've thoroughly enjoyed being a tiny part of the online HH community and plan to continue to do so. Thank you, all for helping me to help others.

Sandy said...

Happy Holidays to all as well. It's been a nice long wkend, but busy. No doubt that's the same for you all.

Margie, I've been organizing my thoughts etc regarding the page and hope to get it started soon. Will keep you posted.