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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Welcome, November!

First things first. It's hat hat shaky shaky time!

And our winner of the October contest is....Cienna2000!

Let me know what you would like to have sent to you! Congratulations!

In other news, today is the first day you can submit entries for what you would like our pet project to be in 2010. Entries accepted till 11/15. Around that time, I'll post all of the entries as a reminder. Votes will be sent to me in lieu of public polling.

Reminder again -- just because we're going to have a single pet project does not mean you have to donate to that organization at all or a ton. In fact, if someone wants to be in charge of picking causes for each month, that is fine. The single organization will just get all of our donations at once, around the holiday time :)

Speaking of monthly causes, November is all about boys! JezebelSF told me last year that the shelter that she donates our stuff to really needs boy stuff - -apparently crafters make girl stuff a lot more often. So November is the time to get away from those pinks and purples! If you don't have Jezebel's address, please message me.

I think that's everything! Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, etc. :)


Sandy said...

I would agree with her assessment. I don't know maybe it's because girls colors are more fun to buy and work with? I think the other thing is, there are more groups taking care of women and children, then boys and men. The men under bridge seem to prove that point too.

What types of things does she need?


Sandy said...

JezebelSF, isn't listed on the sidebar, could you add the link to her blog, so we can read about her project?

I'm not seeing much discussion about the new proposed format, but am still of the opinion sending everything once a year may not be a good course. Not trying to be difficult; but would like to understand the rationale? It occurred to me the other day as I was thinking more about this, another problem with waiting until "the holidays", is mail is slower, lines are longer at the post office, and many people mail packages to friends and family at that time which means all the expenses come at one time. I would like to suggest we continue mailing as we complete, rather than stock piling.


the craftivist said...

sandy, i don't think we're so much waiting to mail stuff until once a year, as we're tallying everything up at that time - people can send stuff out throughout the year to the charity in question.

and i vote Warm Woolies. the more i work with them, the more i love them. you can donate a wide variety of items in a wide variety of sizes, and the items go around the world to orphans in need.

Margie the Ladybug said...

Hi ladies,

Actually, I was thinking about mailing everything all at once, and the rationale is a two-parter...

First, I would really like an organization to see a major push in their donations -- because of Homespun Helpers.

But selfishly, it's also because I'm trying to get Homespun Helpers some publicity, and I feel like making a huge, single donation to a place all at once might help us with that. I'm not saying I'm at all unhappy with how things are, just looking to see how we can grow so that we can do more good!

Sandy, Jezebel doesn't have a blog about her project -- it's just her local shelter. I think they would take anything -- scarves, socks, mittens. She lives in San Francisco, so bear that in mind.

These are just thoughts -- I'm open to arguments!!

Sandy said...

Publicity isn't a bad thing, and I see your thoughts on that; but if for example The Bridge and Beyond became the pet project truthfully, it wouldn't work that way much. It would be noted certainly with pictures and numbers on the blog for other members who aren't Homespuner's to see; but that's were it would end. I mean names, groups etc. aren't attached to the donations. Everything is hand delivered with food and where they've come from is really a non issue. And while waiting to give everything at once, the people in need have done without during 3-4 very cold months, which isn't probably a good trade off.

If publicity and growth is what we're after, let's put our heads together to see what we do.

Or perhaps the type of charity you go after for "a pet project" needs to be a large organization that you can tie Homespun too.

JezebelSF, ah...San Francisco is what the SF means. I looked at Homespun on yahoo, and LJ for some info when I left my comment.

I have some ideas, but will try to contact you off blog.


Sandy said...

San Francisco, would think mittens wouldn't be needed. Raincoats and windbreaks. It's sooooooo windy there. Do you know if the shelter is for teens, or women and children, or men? Most focus on spcific groups for safety. Though I think there are a few church affiliated shelters that take whole families.


Margie the Ladybug said...

Sandy, I'll ask her if there are particular items they need.

Good thoughts regarding the pet project...I'll give it some more thought. :)