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Saturday, November 7, 2009

A change of plans

Although there was not a lot of debate about having a "pet" charity for 2010, the arguments against it were extremely compelling. The best argument for having a single charity to concentrate on is Zort's point -- it gives you time to plan and work on things like outfits, etc.

The arguments against having a pet charity included the fact that a lot of people wouldn't feel able to concentrate so much just on one charity because there are so many great ones out there. Holding on to items to make one big donation might mean missing important deadlines.

I would like to try something new that I think might be the best of all of these opportunities. I'd like someone to create a single place where all of the information about charities we donate to could be found. They'll all be listed. They'll be linked to from all of our communities. I'm thinking maybe a separate blog, a single web page -- something easy but accessible. I thought that our Yahoo Groups page could help with this but I am not sure how many people go there -- and since you need to be a member it's not as accessible as I'd like.

I'm very open to suggestions as to what charities should go on this list and how this database could be made accessible to everyone. I'm also thinking that maybe some of the charities could incorporate their logos or links back to their website -- just thinking out loud here.

Please discuss! :)


Sandy said...

Love it. I'd be happy to make a blog for just that cause. I can link to here, yahoo, rav etc. I think perhaps an information blog with all the data, appropiate links.

It could be closed to comments, and just be the information portion. It could be open for comments; but thinking out loud I think that might just further fragment the communication? Like now, some communicate here, some on LJ, some on yahoo, some on FB etc.

A central location for information, with links to everyone's blog, a listing of everyone's email (who has a charity so people can contact the person directly), badges for the charities that link back to the blog/webpage etc.

I think I would like to see "our charities", be those our members head up. Like when we had Operation Brain Freeze, The Bridge...things that are directly connected to our members, where the donated items go to our members.

Perhaps a separate list of charities we like, like Warm up America, where people donate locally vs sending to a member?

But, "our charities"...could be the ones that are highlighted monthly if you want to have a calendar. People don't have to donate to the bridge in October; but it would have--as would others a place on the calendar for a month, so if someone needs a suggestion of something to make it would give them that.

The data bases that can be used on yahoo are good; but having to join I think is a nuisance....then again if we're listing addresses, it's best that it not be open. Seems the best combination is open so more folks see things; but list email addresses not home addresses; so when people are ready to donate they can contact directly?

Might take some time to really get everything crossed referenced; but in the end I think it would be helpful and ultimately save time?

Don't want to step on toes, cause I think there were a few other folks who volunteered to do updates here; so let me know your thoughts.
sandycrochet@gmail.com if that's easier for communications.

Margie the Ladybug said...

Sandy, I think that sounds great - if you wouldn't mind starting to post here and at our other communities that would be awesome, and any help you need from me you'll have :)

I agree with the no comments thing -- just a single post that could be edited with all of the info. Maybe here on blogger, or on Wordpress...something like that.