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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Proposed Plan for 2010

Hi folks,

I'm cross-posting this everywhere so hopefully you see it and feel free to converse!

I have been thinking long and hard about Homespun Helpers and next year, and here is what I have come up with.

1) Instead of having a charity a month, I'd like to choose a single place to focus our work. Now, this does not mean you HAVE to make stuff for that charity, but Zort and other folks have pointed out, for example, that making outfits over just a month is really hard to do. If we're all working on a single goal as a group (in addition to whatever you want to do as individuals) we'll be able to really make a huge impact on that group and there will be more time to make really nifty things.

Let me reiterate - you will NOT have to make things at all or in any volume for the charity we choose. You can still do whatever you want. But for folks who want to participate, those items will all be donated at one time around the holidays next year.

If you suggest a place to donate, make sure you'll have a means to store up several months worth of stuff so it can all be given at the same time! :)

2) In order to choose the 2010 cause, I'd like to open up a contest beginning November 1st and ending November 15th. Submit your cause and explain why you'd like to be able to give that shelter, city, whatever a huge donation at this time next year. People will contact me privately to vote and I'll announce the winner.

3) Once we've announced the winner, I'll set a goal. I'd like to ask people who may not be involved in our organization to pledge to make a donation to the American Cancer Society if we hit our mark.

4) I'm thinking we'll still continue with our monthly drawing, one item, one entry.

5) We'll still have stars of the month.

6) We'll have our Summer contest that will begin around Memorial Day and end around Labor Day.

Any thoughts? Let me know!

And I'd still LOVE to have a volunteer to help me keep various sites updated -- it's just too much for me to do now! Most especially, I'd love help in keeping our Blogspot site updated and active because that is where traffic gets driven from places like Facebook and Twitter.

Lend me your thoughts, fellow countrymen (and non-countrymen!) :)


Kelli said...

I'm still learning Blogger but let me know what I can do to help keep the page updated.

the craftivist said...

i'm all for this idea for 2010, and i suggest Warm Woolies for the operation to donate to. the only drawback for us would be that they take only woolen items {except for baby blankets, which can be acrylic}, but you can make just about anythind and they'll take it.

also, i'm a HUGE fan of blogger, and am totally willing to do any help needed with keeping the sidebars updated, design work that may be needed whenever, and all that jazz come the new year. between now and january i'm super busy, but i'm all for stepping up like that in 2010!

SANDY said...

I love blogger, but honestly don't know if with my bizarre schedule I could commit to doing updates here; but could probably help people if they're unsure how to do things. I have read and tried, and I think learned alot about the sites operations.

I apologize for being so much less active this year, primarily due the extended health issue with Mom. As many of you know she passed, life has been more difficult. I feel a bit guilty suggesting my charity; due to my lessen activity. But, the need of the homeless is far greater than my feeling guilty truthfully.

And so, I will ask that our pet project be The Bridge and Beyond. We service Men, Women, and Children. We serve people who are completely homeless living under a bridge, living beside a railroad track or where-ever they can; AND those who are only a step above being homeless and treated in 2 free clinics. Hats, mittens, and scarves are the primary items needed. They can be knitted or crocheted. They should be warm. Wool is not required. In fact, good old non expensive worsted weight probably holds up best in the outdoor conditions. Specific colors are not required.

I would like to say, though I understand you're wanting a count and large donation at one particular time; sending things right along really I think is a better idea. We experience nights below freezing well before the holidays. To be able to keep them warm starts here really in September. From September til the end of December is 4 long, very cold months. Some die every year due to the conditions, so waiting til the holidays for me is not necessarily a good plan.

Thanks for your consideration.

Please, folks if I could as you all to hop over to the blog dedicated to The Bridge and Beyond. It will I think help you see who needs help and why.

Many thanks