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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hey eveyrbody!

It sure has gotten quiet around here. Did the Summer contest kill everybody? :)

My life has certainly been tres busy. In my crafting life, I have been working on a scarf for my mom -- in lace weight alpaca. Never again. It's real soft and real pretty but just...no.

What are you working on?? Talk to me, pretty people :)

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Can't say the summer contest killed me, never got to it. Sorry. I think they're fun.

What am I working on. Trying desperately to catch up. Catch up on blogging, catch up on crafting, and catch up on life.

Project's needing to be finished are bogging me down. I want to work on other things. ugh

I did finish earlier today a hat a scarf set for The Bridge Project. I'm needing to get some baby items mailed; but am having trouble connecting with where I intended them to go. Working on a man's blue scarf for The Bridge. Got 2 ghans in the works. One for a friend and one I've worked on longer than any project I've done...not good.

Working really hard on organizing my digital photo's. I have thousands...I mean really really thousands. From family pictures doing my genealogy, to knit and crochet pics, to travel pics (some vacation pics I've not edited in 2 years). Got a new computer and am trying desperately to get everything in one place to once and for all get stuff backed up.

Having fun with my travel blog...hop over for a virtual vacation.