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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

our star of the month!

Well, it's just about that time again -- time to name our star of the month! And our star is.....


Violet is one of the poor souls that our resident ninja recruited for gruesome crocheting shifts, and Violet has always responded well to Ninja's moral degradations :D In fact, Violet is now running her own charity drive and is making Ninja twitch! It's hard to stay involved in a community when you don't post a lot, but Violet has always been a major producer for us and has been a real stable force in our efforts to reach our goals.

So Violet, cheers to you and best of luck on your drive!

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Thought I'd do a little blog walking among our members and started at the top of the list on the side bar. The first 3 names,
# Amy
# Jeanine Pettibone
# mrsdalejunior
probably need changed? Amy doesn't blog on blogger anymore, so maybe her new url could be added, and the other 2 don't seem to be active bloggers?