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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Updates, and our star of the month!

Hi there everyone,

Tomorrow is going to be busy busy so I thought I would update a day early!

First, the Summer Contest. Are you ready?

Team Godzilla is up by a hair: 180

Team Ohio (Underpants): 175

Team Arizona: 93

Team Chowdaheads: 3

Woo boy! We have about a month and a half left...it's going to be an exciting finish, I think!

And now on to our star of the month.


Snoopingmother (and her daughter Jen) joined us a little after we got into the spotlight a couple of years ago, and they both have plugged along, making some of the most beautiful items you could ever imagine. They are kind-hearted in every possible way, and if nothing else, you have to appreciate the fact that Snoopingmother got herself a Captain Underpants icon for the Summer contest :)

Congratulations Snoopingmother!!

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