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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 for the total, 1 for team New England

Hey everyone,

I feel bad that I haven't posted here in forever, since I haven't been making many items for charity, since I had/have a zillion projects on the needles. But I decided I'd crank out a hat tonight.

From Craftiness

It's probably sized for a toddler, but I'm not around kids much, so that's just a guess. It's made from handspun merino, left over from another project (though there's a lot of it left.)

Also, as an experiment, a while ago I made a pair of baby socks. It was an experiment because I double-knitted them, with one inside the other, both of them on the needles at the same time. (See here for an excellent tutorial.)
From Craftiness

I'm not sure whether or not I'd do this again. It was a fun knit, but I don't think it actually saves time. It's more something fun to knit if you want to show off your Extreme Knitting Skillz TM. I probably should have taken pictures while it was in progress, but oh well.

The socks were done a while ago, so they can't count towards the summer contest. But the hat was done just this evening. Maybe now that I'm done with my master's and I'm unemployed, I'll be able to singlehandedly save team New England.

Not sure where to send them to; they're all made of wool, nothing is acrylic. Any suggestions?

1 comment:

miaosherow said...

Afghans for Afghans is all wool, I believe: http://www.afghansforafghans.org/blanket.html