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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Twednesday!

Yeah, so tomorrow is going to be a super busy day, so I am starting Hump Day early I guess :)

Hey, it's...not Wednesday yet, but tell us what you are working on anyway!

I am working on designing my first ever hat. Yep, designing. I have one of those sampler books where you do squares of all of the stitches, sew it up, and POOF! Afghan! I got to looking at one of the stitches (Flame Chevron) and I thought, that would make a DARNED nice hat, says I. So I asked around and apparently, because these are stitches, they can be used as much as just a regular single crochet or knit stitch! So I am working on a flaming hat of joy. We'll see what happens. :)

Captains, you have just a couple of weeks left before the contest starts -- Memorial Day is on May 25 this year, I think. Are you ready? Do you know who your team members are? Team members, do you know who your captains are?

Hope everyone is well. It's been quiet around here!

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