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Thursday, May 28, 2009

First week of the contest is almost over!

Well, this contest is going to be one heck of a thing, I think!

Team Ohio (Captain Snoopingmother) is off to a quick start with 17 items already!

Team Godzilla (Captain Kindergoth/Ozangel) has 5 items on the board

And the other teams...well, they'll jump out, you just watch!

Also, we are at 826 items now! Woot! Great way to end the month (and it's not even *technically* over yet :)

Captains, don't forget to keep track of your team members everywhere they may be! :)


miaosherow said...

I'm making hats this weekend and I'm excited. Who's my cap'n and how do I start a convo?

Margie the Ladybug said...

You are on Team Godzilla, so your captain is Kindergoth on livejournal or Organzel (I think) on Ravelry...I'll let her know you're over here :)

miaosherow said...


Ang said...

Hi Mia! Hope you see this! I'm kindergoth/ozangel, your friendly team Godzilla cap'n! Great to have you on board, I've been warned you're very quick =) We are a truly formidable force. I will post a link here with a fortnightly wrapup on it of all Team Godzilla creations in a couple of days' time, do you have a link for your creations so I can post it with them? my email is countess_kalina@hotmail.com if you want to email it to me instead since my browser tends to do this strange thing and turn into Korean on blogspot when I leave the homespun helpers blog!!