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Sunday, August 24, 2008

So numerically, just how awesome are ya?

There are a few numerical landmarks that we have reached as of today, and I thought, as the Summer comes to a close, that they are worth noting.

First, the Olympics challenge. Pretty basic concept. See how much stuff we can make during the 17-day Olympic extravaganza. Boy did you all deliver!! In just 17 days, this group made 256267 items for charity!!!! WOW. That is like, crazy.

Landmark #2: Homespun Helpers has now made and donated a whopping 43 afghans for Afghans for Angels. We only need 7 more to reach 50!!!

And most importantly, perhaps...with reaching 2,000 items for this year, Homespun Helpers, in just 2 years, has made and donated a total of:


5,354 items

It's a number we haven't talked about much this year since this year has its own set of goals, but step back and think about that. That is pretty something.

Don't forget, the Regional Summer Contest ends on Labor Day and the Personal Achievement Contest is still going on!:)

1 comment:

Priscilla said...

Wow, those numbers are terrific! I also wanted to thank you for your comment over at my blog. I am slowly coming back to normal from the summer, which I knew would be hard. I will be on vacation next week, and then, when I get back, I will post again with what I got done this summer. I also hope to have a terrific fall, with lots of charity items finished.