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Monday, August 25, 2008

Regional Summer Contest Update # 4

As of approximately noon PDT, here are the totals:

Team Ohio: 120

Team Godzilla: 133

Team Dust Devils: 217

Team New England/Chowdaheads: 118

The contest has really tightened -- kudos to both Godzilla and NE/Chowdaheads for your work over the past couple of weeks!!!

You all have approximately 1 week and 12 hours before the contest closes.

Happy Crafting and please Tag :))

1 comment:

Sandy said...

Wozer....great numbers, but what happened to my team Ohio....we're 2nd last time..in line for silver and a chance at the gold......come on

Give me an O
Give me a H
Give me an I
Give me an O

What ya got, louder...louder...
Go Team Ohio, Go!!

will try to post some items tomorrow, having some internet issues...this has taken forever, don't want to chance pics. All kidding aside...Well done all teams! Keep it up