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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

update on Caron's WIUA Squares competition

hey all. i got more info on the warm up america squares competition. it looks like we can participate (and by that i mean when i e-mailed them about it, and told them what our group was, they didn't say we couldn't participate), and if you want i can be the point person. here's what we do:

  • make as many 7" x 9" squares as you can and mail them to me by april 15
  • the squares have to get to them by may 1, but they have to also be in one big group, so that's why you'd mail them to me
  • i'll mail them out on april 20th to ensure they get to the organization in time
  • in the package we'd have to include contact information for the group.
that's it! i'll probably ask for a bit of help on the postage to mail them to the organization (depending on how many we get) but if we won we'd get $300, which i suggest we use to purchase yarn and supplies for organizations that need it.

i'm officially game, so let me know (via comment here) when you're sending out squares so i can be sure to get to the po box to grab them. my address is:

robyn charles
po box 6487
omaha, ne 68106

let's get to square making!

1 comment:

JorieJC2 said...

Well, hold up on that...my concern is that I don't know where the check would go if we win...I might write them, but what I want to confirm is if we won, could the check be given to a "legitimate" charity group in our name. Since we don't really have a bank account or anything like that, I'm nervous about getting into the whole money thing.

Thank you for posting and what-not. Let me know if this makes any sense :)