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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sample Bag

Hey all,

There is a project going on called Operation Bag Of Home. We are working with another livejournal community (militarylove) to send bags stuffed with things like "wet ones" overseas to soldiers in action. There is a new livejournal community for this project called operationboh. Anyway, I've done a sample bag which co-project runner, coyotescall, is going to stuff into a pocket to make sure it works.




This is a momentous occasion because it is my first project completed on double-pointed needles! Woop woop!

Anyway, it closes with the string at the top -- not like, totally sealed, but it would be enough to keep things in but get at them easily.

Measurement = about 3" wide about very close to 5" tall.

For those of you who knit, I CO 30 stitches and split them even between 3 dpns (size 6). Regular ole red heart yarn.

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