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Thursday, December 13, 2007

website up, running, super duper bare bones

so, i got the website up. running. still needs a banner (but i think i've got someone to help me with that) and all the pages i'd like to add still need to be added. but it's there. over the next few days it will grow and change a lot, but if people could e-mail me at craftyone77.hh@gmail.com with any information about any of the charity drives we've been doing, that would be hugely helpful, as i want to give each one it's own page, with an explanation and contact info.


also, the tip jar is set up. it's just under $15 a month to have the site set up through typepad, but we've got full website functionality with no coding. i've got it set up to charge my credit card every month, so any donations people can make would be great. typepad calculates those donations up for me and applies them directly to the monthly bill, so there's no risk in your donation getting caught up in my paypal account or anything like that.

1 comment:

JorieJC2 said...

Awesome news!!!!

But um...what is the URL? :D