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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wakey wakey!

I realized I forgot to let everyone know what the charity for this month is, which is pretty silly since it's MY drive! D'oh!

So the idea for this month is making items that go together as a kind of outfit (hat/scarf/mittens, mobius/mittens/socks, etc). They will be donated to a local (to me) homeless women's shelter. And boy could they use help. Please try to have things here by October 1st (sorry for the late warning!).

As for our status, we are at 2,335 items!!!

I'll be posting soon about some ideas for next year, so be ready to put your thinking caps on :)

Have good rest of the weeks!

1 comment:

the craftivist said...

i've got several items i'd like to post through flickr, but i changed my e-mail when i got married, so i can't do it now! can you add me into the group with the google address "rmcdevine AT gmail DOT com" please?!?!