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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holy smokes! Our star of the month!! Plus other stuff.

You know, I never did name our star of the month this month. I can't hardly believe it!!!

Well, our star of the month this month is...*trumpets* Soapfaerie!!!

What can we say about Soapfaerie? She has been with us for quite a long time now, even though she insisted at the beginning that "all she could do" was soap. Little did we know how amazing those soaps were!

Soapfaerie always has wonderful comments whenever someone posts something. She was a great competitor this Summer even though the Chowdaheads were the David of our David v. Goliath contest -- and she rejoiced in the other teams winning!

And of course, epitomizing the spirit of Homespun Helpers, she has now begun her own local charity as well. For all of these reasons, plus many more, you all must pay homage to this wicked cool gal for the rest of the month (and for a good chunk of October since I'm so late!) :)

In other news...something to think about for next year. I need help -- mentally, yes, but also in the growing world of Social Media, where I think our group can flourish. I'd like for someone to help me spiff up our Blogspot post -- I want to add to our "blogroll" to hopefully add to our numbers over there, I'll need help making sure we post when other people post items, and finding other content about crafting for charity would be good too. I'd also like someone to man or woman our Facebook page, our Twitter account, and our Ravelry page. I can't keep up with all of these in the way I want, and as a result, I think everything is starting to fall off a bit (note my late posting of our star!)

I'd also like some ideas on how to raise some money next year, even though we aren't a not-for-profit. All of the prizes for this year (except for the September prize which Zort is generously offering to cover) have come out of my pocket. I am happy to do it, but at the same time, a little monetary help would not make me cry :) The Penny Homespuns idea did not take off like I hoped. If you want to be in charge of prize giving and want to try to raise funds that way, that's cool. If you have an idea of something Homespun Helperish we could sell on Etsy or Cafe Press to make money, I'm all ears (I personally think Homespun Helpers t-shirts would be AWESOME). But yeah, I'd like to have more contests and more prizes to give, but my pocketbook may just rebel against me, and that would be tough to explain.

Thoughts? Reactions?

Happy Fall, everyone :)

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