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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A star, a new charity to think about, and an update!

Hi everyone!

I don't know that I'll have this much time to sit in front of my own computer again this week, so I'm just going to dump on ya! :)

First...our star of the month. I'm a little bit early, but I just gotta.

Our star of the month is Kelli, aka Ugottafriend!

Kelli joined us around the time that HH was in the Livejournal spotlight a couple of years ago. At first, she was enthusiastic but wasn't sure how she could help us...she didn't crochet or knit. Then A Million Thanks came along, and when Kelli found out she could hand-make cards, she started exploding.

I continually thought higher and higher of all of the work Kelli was doing, and then I found out that she battles chronic illness while doing all of these amazing things. She steps beyond herself in every way imaginable, cheering us on, adding to our count, and brightening so many lives. Much like a star would.

As part of Kelli's star power, she has mentioned a charity that folks might be interested -- especially if you like to do things other than crocheting or knitting sometimes. Here is her post:...now I have taken on a few gift projects for a wonderful organization called Spirit Jump. SJ members send gifts to people who are seriously ill in an effort to lift their spirits. As someone who is chronically ill myself, I know what a blessing it is to receive a happy little something in the mail. It can be the simplest thing...a postcard...a bookmark...anything can make a difference in someone's day.
So I'm asking for your help! I am hand making cards, gift tags, and bookmarks for Spirit Jump recipients and would love to be able to include a little gift in their package. It can be a book, a piece of jewelry, a humorous plaque...the sky is the limit here guys. Please note that most of the recipients are terminally ill, some given weeks or months to live. Others are still in the midst of their battle. Women, men, and children. The gift does not have to be hand made (unless you want to...and it would be counted on HH whereas bought stuff wouldn't), and it doesn't have to cost much. The only rule is that it be something that will bring a smile in the midst of someone's suffering.
If you have something to contribute, please email me and I will give you my snail mail address.
Thanks so much everyone!

And now for our contest update, which is getting steamy red hot!

Team Godzilla: 273
Team Ohio: 242
Team Arizona: 156
Team New England: 71

You all are fabulous. Have I mentioned that lately?

1 comment:

Kelli said...

You just made me cry! Thank you so much! :)