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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Contest update and a question

Hi folks,

Here is your update. You'll be shocked at how amazing everyone has been this Summer!

Team Ohio 336

Team Godzilla 289

Team Arizona 201

Team New England 79

Now for my question.

Last year we did an individual contest as well as a regional contest. I was thinking we could do a one-month run of it this year, from the end of the regional contest to the first of October. The winner would be the person who made the most items (all items counted equally this year, so if you want to participate think small!) and they would win $25 worth of prizes and would pick our charity of focus in January.

Is this of interest to you?

1 comment:

miaosherow said...

I'm always up for a little competition...as the kids say 'bring it!'