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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday Wednesday, so good to meeee

And it's March too! So what are you up to? Me? Well, Afghans for Afghans posted that they would like women's wooly socks to ship, but they would NEED them in California by 3/12. This I will not be able to accomplish. However, they are also collecting kidlet socks like the ones I posted on Sunday, so I'm hoping to get a bunch of those done. It seems feasible.

I'm also hoping to work on Afghans for Angels blankets (just so I can completely confuse myself as I try to post my FOs). I have this sampler knitting book and each square ends up being 12x12 (if you gauge it right). So I thought I would double some of those patterns and see if I can get some 2x2 blankets out of it while learning new stitches. Oh yeah, I'm ambitious :)

Don't forget, we're shooting for 800 by the end of this month! Woot! :)

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