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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hats: Round One

I'm 1/4 of my way through the goal of 40 items for The Scott and White Cancer Facility in Texas. I've completed 10 hats. I previously posted photos of the first two. Here are the remaining eight. Most are adult sizes, with the exception of the three pinks and blues in the 'trio' photo. I think the little pink one, in the photo by itself, is also too small to fit an adult head, but who knows.

Next, I intend to make 10 scarves. I hope to knit them, but crocheting moves much more quickly for me, so if I'm feeling especially impatient, which is usually the case, I'll crochet. My goal is to knit the majority of them, though.

Hats are faster projects, so I might be away for a bit while I entangle myself it my knitting needles and yarn balls.

Happy Monday!


Margie the Ladybug said...

Wow and wow. I still don't know how you get those done so fast. You are my hero :)

miaosherow said...

I double-up on yarns, use a big hook, and make big stitches.