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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Hi and thanks for coming over from Live Journal. Yeah, you will have to join Blogger, sorry. Just email the new Crafters for a Cause email and I will get you set up.

Some of the neat things that blogger offers is that nifty list of links and other things I can update for us (woohoo) and we have a picassa photo album for the community - I don't really know what that means, but it has to be good for all the pics we want to post.

Same deal here - post your pictures and charities and tag them. Hopefully blogger won't make us mods be the only ones who can create new tags. I have a little used blogger blog, so I am learning here myself. Please cut us a little slack while we work all this out and get this up and running. But, since we are about to kick off a Warm Up America Square Drive, I will be on vacation starting Wednesday and I will be podcasting as soon as I get back I wanted to get this up and running.

Thank you to everyone who followed us over. I will be setting up a RSS feed into LJ soon(ish) so that you don't have to come here to read what is going on, just to post - you will be able to get your content (usually minus pictures and links) right on LJ.


Jeanine Pettibone said...

Yeah boy.

JorieJC2 said...

Okay I have made my own account over here :D

Now I can play with it to try to figure it out. *Scary*

death_by_yarn said...

Awesome. Now I need to get a blogger account so I can comment properly.

doclegs said...

Hey, I got on here. Now I'm going to see if I can figure out the picture thing. Fun!!